That's what he said

Today is … ?

Today is always relative.  You had yesterday and you’ll have tomorrow.


Lately, though, my “Today” is off.  I do work for a company on Tuesday evenings.  I start Tuesday evening, and I finish Wednesday evening.  So it’s been for years – until – just a few weeks ago.  They needed it done sooner, so I start earlier on Monday evening, and get through both parts by Tuesday morning.

So now, it’s Tuesday, but I think it’s Wednesday.  Today is Wednesday and I think it’s Thursday.  And I don’t mean just a little side thought.  Last week, I put the trash out two days early.  I called me wife today and she mentioned dinner and I said, “Oh, we’re going to that Food Truck thing at the park” and she said “That’s tomorrow.”

Talk about routines and getting stuck in one!  The bonus is that each time I get corrected, I remember I have an extra day to get stuff done before the weekend and that’s always a plus.

Vacation next week in the Outer Banks.  (1) I never go on vacations as my previous job barely allowed for major holidays off much less vacations, (2) Outer Banks – What?!?  Sun and Surf – that’s crazy talk.  I heard there is a hot tub, so sign me up.

Everything is moving along at a steady pace right now.  I haven’t written in my journal lately.  I mostly use that medium for handwriting practice since I always had the worst handwriting.  It’s better now – I just need to keep at it.

I started listening to a good book about The Power of Forgetting – but it’s an audio book and he keeps asking me to refer to image 23 or diagram 14, etc.  I guess if you bought the audio version of the book it has a PDF.   I loaned it from the library, so I don’t have that.  The author teaches you ways to clear your mind and think faster.  I’ll look for the printed version.

Worked a craft show over the weekend with my wife.  She sells embroidered items.  It was a fun day outside but slow customer-wise.  You can tell it’s slow when the free balloon guy isn’t tying any balloons.  Still, always good to see other crafters.  The rain started moments after the show ended and we were packed up, so a terrific day.

We watched “Won’t you be my neighbor” on Amazon.  Wow – Fred Rogers was the best.  I watched him always as a kid and didn’t know many of his accomplishments.  He’s one of the reasons PBS was launched.


Check it out when you can – it’s informative (and touching for those of us who grew up watching him)


Get Motivated!

Getting what you’re getting


“If you want to keep on getting what you’re getting, then keep on doing what you’re doing!”

That’s a quote from several motivation tapes I’ve listened to.  I think the person who I remember saying it the most (or with the most conviction) was Les Brown, but I just heard it again recently on that Zig Ziglar audio I posted about.  It’s really true and it works both ways.

If your life sucks – the only way to get better results is to change your habits and what you are doing on a day to day basis.

If you’re life is working out great, then keep up the good work.

“Doing what you’re doing” – is best described as your daily habits.  You have to police them just like anything else.

Things I like to do – Every single day:

  • Eat Healthy
  • Listen to something motivational
  • Read something fun!
  • Don’t overdose on news
  • Look at some flowers and/or a tree
  • Stare at the sun for a quick second
  • Let someone know they are doing a good job
  • Pet a cat or a dog
  • Talk to your spouse and your kids
  • Pick up after yourself
  • Floss
  • Drink some coffee (this was NEVER a thing for me until this year)
  • Text a relative – just because.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Let someone pass you while driving – it’s okay – you don’t really own the road

There are more, but I won’t bore you to death, besides you’ll have your own list.

The point is that if you want to be better then do better.


Life... Live it!

As the storm passes…

What a week, or two weeks at this point – but it’s hard to imagine that tomorrow is already Friday.

So last week, the hurricane missed us (Va Beach) completely.  Which is great when it comes to us not getting inundated with 40″ of rain and apocalyptical winds.


I’m definitely not going to complain, but sitting at home for 4 days while work was closed and the weathermen were playing a game of chicken with Florence was really nerve wracking.  I was glad to get back to the office this week and by informal poll, so was everyone else.

This week was BUSY!  Lots to do and it was all I could do to keep up with my to-do list.  On Monday, I didn’t get to anything on my list after having a full day of phone calls and emails, but the week smoothed out and tomorrow is looking good with only one or two things left on my list, even if they are big items.

I did okay with my diet while out – I did gain four pounds, but four is pretty darned good and as of this morning, I’m down one of those.

The weather is SPECTACULAR!  It’s finally not stifling hot when I leave work – more like low 80’s and upper 70’s.  It’s supposed to be 64 tonight, which is almost my ‘turn on the heat’ temperature.  I know some of you are balking at that, but I have a comfort window that probably ranges from 68 to 76 at least as far as sleeping and getting up in the morning is concerned.  If it’s 62 – I’m going to not want to get out of bed.  I have, of course, but only to turn on the heat.  Speaking of that, I should probably check the heat soon before I need it and find out it doesn’t work.  Maybe I’ll get my chance in the morning or this weekend.

I’ve spent the last few days going through old stuff and deciding what to keep.  As I mentioned before, I have a lot of these cardboard paper boxes that printer paper come in – and they are all full of stuff that I thought I either needed or otherwise couldn’t part with.  Sifting through them, I’ve managed to throw out 5 full boxes of junk and old papers that I just don’t need.  I gave away an entire box of old clocks.  Let’s face it, I’m never, ever going to fix those and I have a friend who works on clocks who was really excited when I passed them over to him.  Some are antiques and I told him not to let me know if he makes big money, “Local guy strikes it rich after *finding* an old coocoo clock”.  (ironically, I just looked that up to see how to spell it and found an “authentic German looking coocoo clock for only $159”.  Just think – $150 and it would work like it was brand new – because it IS!)

As far as the items I’m actually keeping?  Well, the jury is still out.  I think I’ll go through them again and really decide if I want to carry those things into the future.  I’m not getting any younger.  You think, “Hey, you could sell some of that!” – no.  No, no, no.  That doesn’t work for my stuff.  I tried to sell an 88 key Kurzweil keyboard a few months ago and didn’t get a single bite until I just dropped the price to FREE.  I really only wanted it out of my house.  People are as picky as .. well, whatever is really picky – OR – I am SO NOT PICKY or at least, not as un-picky as I need to be.  I’ll say this though – throwing things out is really therapeutic.  I feel better with each box of junk I toss out.

Years ago, when we used to blog on Vox (the old Vox, not that new Vox – whatever it is), one of my friends posted about re-gifting a Christmas gift.  She was so excited.  She said she received a gift at lunch and had re-gifted it by 3pm.  It’s like her goal is to NOT add anything to her – inventory (for lack of a better word).  I thought it was so odd at the time, but now look back and think she really had something.

I am trying to make better use of my 45 minute commute so I turned to audiobooks.  I finished an 8 hour audiobook from Zig Ziglar which was terrific, and I just started listening to a new book, “The Power of Forgetting” which I think will be well worth it.

Big weekend coming up – craft show on Sunday at the park, so I’ll be mowing the grass Saturday instead of Sunday and then packing up the car for a long Sunday.  Should be fun!


Life... Live it!



So, we’re getting a hurricane!!

The Twitter graphics are a blast –





The last one was one of my favorites.  It really does well to define the difference I’ve always wondered about, especially with tornados (and it’s a cupcake!!)

All jokes aside, it’s a big one.  I’m in VA and under evacuation, but staying (1) since where we are isn’t supposed to get anything but tons of rain, (2) because we’re getting tons of rain, we want to monitor the house and it’s two stories, (3) we’re a block from the non-evacuation zone which is ironic in itself, and now (4) the storm just took a more-southern path.  Not to say it won’t turn north and send us scurrying.

School’s closed (where I work), so we spent the entire day yesterday readying the yard, garage, and house, and more of the same will happen today.  It was supposed to be here Thursday and now they are saying Saturday so we’ll see what happens.  I can now safely add that the best ways to clean up your yard and house are (1) visitors from out of town, (2) having a party, and now (3) hurricanes.  The yard is meticulously clear right now – so I have that going for me!

We watched an old Louie Anderson show on Youtube last night.  I’d forgotten how much I used to watch this.  I could quote it in a few places.  He’s really funny.

Food You Eat

Before and After

woman measuring her waist
Photo by on

I reached my goal this morning – 20 pounds lost!  Since somewhere in August when I took a stand and decided to lose weight.  For the longest time, I was up 8 pounds, down 5 pounds, up 5 pounds, down 6 pounds.  Enough!

I didn’t check the date, but think I posted that I started with a one day fast and that turned into a 16/8 daily intermittent fast and I eat mostly meat for lunch which is low calorie – so I’m full and I only take in about 150 calories.  It’s crazy really.  I added up my daily calorie intake the other day and it was under 1,000.   I know some of you cringe at that – but here is some backstory.  I had stomach bypass surgery like 16 years ago and at the time, I lost 153 pounds.  Then I gained about 40 pounds back.  I’ve managed to keep it at bay but even now, I’m a good 100 pounds overweight, but I only weigh 268.  (only…)

Today at 268, it’s the lowest I’ve been since mid 2015.  I feel good, not hungry or like I’m missing anything.  I rarely get hungry as a matter of fact which makes fasting easier maybe than some people.  We, as a family, already eat really healthy anyway.  I’ve cut out a lot of carbs – mostly bread which really puts weight on.  I’ve written about wheat and some of the genetic alterations it’s been through.  It’s not even wheat anymore.

All that aside, I want to talk about Before and After.

After – is when you’re done – with anything.  Weight loss, learning, a project, crafting, whatever.

A year post surgery, I went to my doctor and I’d lost 153 pounds and the nurse kept using the word “after” – “Let’s take some after photos” – “Here is what you look like after” – “Here, I made you a before and after photo.”

I only realized recently – after that doctor visit, I stopped losing weight.  Right prior to that, I was losing about 5 pounds a week.  But not after that visit.

I think something psychological sank into my brain that said “You’re done!”, but I really wasn’t.  A healthy weight for someone around 6′ is more like 160, or so my Wii Fit tells me.  So I have 100 pounds to go.  I know that’s unrealistic and getting to 250 or 240 – well, I certainly won’t complain.

I’m not not done – and it isn’t after.  So even though I reached my 270 goal and passed it today, I didn’t go out for Tacos or Chocolate Cake like I’d told myself I might do – instead, I just set another goal for 258, and I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing.

Dieting is definitely a short term pain for long term gain process – but the pain isn’t all that painful – it’s more like just something you do – a habit.  And if you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’re getting.

Peace out!


Good Eats

Quinoa – It’s what’s for dinner

On the way home yesterday, I was wondering what to make for dinner.  I really wanted something cool and refreshing, but also healthy and delicious.  Another blogger had just posted about a Quinoa salad, so I decided to take a couple of Internet recipes and come up with something.  I started with a tri-color quinoa that we had in the cabinet – basic 2 cups water to 1 cup quinoa.  Then, while that’s cooking, you have 20 minutes to work out the details of everything else.  20180904_175357I went with the standard cucumber and red pepper route, but then added chick peas, parsley, half a red onion and a tomato.  One of the recipes I found said to remove the seeds from the cucumber and I decided to do the same with the tomato, since I didn’t want anything mushy.  I cut everything up super small, since that’s also how I like it.


When the quinoa was finished, it was hot so I tossed it in the freezer for a bit to see if I could get it cooled

down quickly.   Took about 15 minutes and I stirred it around every so often.  While that was cooling, I put together a dressing – 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup lemon juice, 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar (I doubled it because I like it), 2 minced cloves of garlic and about 1/2 teaspoon salt.  The quinoa was ready, so I tossed it all together in the bowl, drizzled the dressing over it and tossed more.  Some of the recipes called for Feta cheese, but I’m not a real Feta cheese person so I left it out.

This was a really good recipe.  My wife loves this kind of stuff which is why we find ourselves so often a Mediterranean restaurants.  She immediately added Feta cheese to hers because it “needed Feta cheese” – and we all had a great dinner.

It’s hard to decide what to cook in the summer sometimes, since you don’t want to heat the kitchen up and this was a very cool and refreshing meal – and quick!


The Tele


During the summer, we work summer hours – four long days.  The first year I did this, I thought it was fantastic.  Second year the same.  This year – ugh.  Those were LONG days.  I think the first two weeks, you come home exhausted and you want to sleep on that Friday.  Then, it got better and right when you get used to it, you go back to a five day work week.   Oh, well.

On thing I always like to do when I’m off on a weekday is watch ‘The Price is Right’.  Since I was a kid, this was my favorite thing to do when I was out of school.  Who can’t love old people golfing to win prizes?

I dropped cable a few years ago and I never hooked up a good antenna, so TV reception is spotty to say the least.  One of those Fridays I planted myself on the couch and tried to watch it, but the reception just isn’t there.  Oh, well.  I channel flipped for a minute.   We actually don’t watch over the air TV – we keep up with Netflix and Hulu for our entertainment which, incidentally, we only watch about an hour of TV a night.  We also don’t have TV’s anywhere in the house except the one in the living room.   But I digress.

Something really odd happened when I was switching channels.  I ended up in front of Hazel:


Remember that show at all?  Anyone – Anyone?  Bueller, Bueller?

I instantly found myself in this weird state – sort of relaxed, but more like subdued.  I mean, the last time I watched this show I was probably only five to seven years old.  At the time, I tried to never miss it and even then (1969-1972) it was in syndication.  We just called it reruns.  What a totally different time that was.  No computers.  The offices look so foreign:


What the heck do you do in THAT office all day?  Spin the globe?  Type?  Now hold on, I love, love, love a good electric typewriter.  Relaxing and perplexing all rolled into one.

Hazel took lunch over to some guy at his office and he was just sitting there flipping through a bunch of pages in a notebook – probably one of those financial ledger pads.

Ah, good times INDEED!

“What did you do at work today?”
“Oh, I read through three financial reports.  Then I dropped dead.”

Admittedly, it sounds better than being ticked off because your Windows 10 is updating for the third time this week and someone is calling to see why some obscure web site isn’t working, but you can’t verify the issue because – well – updates.


I can’t say honestly for sure, since it’s been a long time, but I seem to recall that Hazel’s boss “Mr. B” was a real jerk to her most of the time.  It’s a good thing he was married or his audacity would have just run amok.  I must have balanced out his attitude with the dad on Leave it to Beaver since he seemed so much more calm and serene.  There was also Mike on the Brady bunch – but that would have been like 20 years later.  Still not a lot of computers, though.